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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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as people took to the skies, 233 years ago today. as the dow has done today look how close, all-time high once again. records being broken. why? i don't know. mr. cavuto. all right. you are looking live inside chicago's o'hare airport where they're breathing a sigh of relief because at least there aren't going to be me a immediate disruptions to thanksgiving air travel unless you are coming back a week from tomorrow, because at that point, on tuesday, november 29th, about 500 workers there, everyone from baggage handlers to janitors, wheelchair attendants with will walk off the job and you know how this goes. it could be a lot like it was earlier this year when some of those same workers were letting flyers know we've had it and we want it see higher wages, better benefits. this time they're demanding at least a $15 minimum wage.
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as i said they have put off taking this action in the midst of the thanksgiving travel season. they will wait until the tuesday afterwards. don't think you're out of this just yet. mike at chicago o'hare with the latest. hey, mike. >> hey, neil. the date they have chosen for their strike achieves two goals. for starters, it syncs them with the national fight for 15 movement which will stage demonstrations in 20 airports across the nation and some 240 cities that have mcdonald's in them, all of that fighting for a higher wage. but as you mentioned, it avoids creating problems during the big thanksgiving travel crush as part of their strategy to try to get the traveling public on their side. >> o'hare airport workers often can't afford a proper thanksgiving dinner and know what it's like to miss thanksgiving with their families. however we respect families traveling to be together and that is why we're holding off our strike until after the thanksgiving holiday.
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>> now at o'hare we're talking about 500 employees. they don't work directly for the airlines. they work for subcontractors. but seiu the union now stepped up to assist them, makes no bones about intending to pressure the airlines. the union notes that many of these positions were once part of the airlines and paid better when they were part of the airlines. these workers are not part of the union at least not yet. in addition to their demand for $15 minimum wage and benefits, some of them say what they want is the ability to unionize. neil? >> i think -- >> thank you very much. spokespeople have been saying this is not about inconveniencing travelers. take a look. >> it was never their intent to disrupt travel. they understand the strike is all about families and keeping their families together and providing a better future for themselves. i think they want to make it very clear they really do not want to disrupt that travel but they do want to gain public support. >> all right. so the question you might want to ask is then, what are we in
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for right after thanksgiving and how long could this drag on? travel senior editor, what do you think, gabe? >> they may not be intending to cause disruptions over the upcoming holiday period, but odds are pretty good that something could easley go awry. check it out, neil, even 74 and sunny from coast to coast and border to border and workers were overpaid and the risk of a strike did not exist at all, just the sheer volume of travelers this coming weekend, it is the busiest travel period of the year, it sort of puts in place the potential for some problems. i mean there are a lot of cogs in this wheel. one or two out of place is enough to throw kinks into the travel picture this coming weekend. >> i would imagine in more places than just o'hare, right? it has a residual spillover if planes and trains are delayed at one airport they will be delayed at others, right? >> certainly. o'hare we'll see more travelers
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than any other airport this thanksgiving period. but certainly one airplane that is sitting at o'hare that can not get to say jfk or l.a.x. because it's not being cleaned on time, is going to disrupt travel, you know, across the network. these are the unsung heros of the travel experience. folks that a lot of us don't get to see, the baggage handlers down below, the folks that are sort of hurrily cleaning the cabins before we are allowed to board, the wheelchair handlers. i was on a flight from hawaii a couple days ago that required five wheelchair handlers as we deplane. you get two or three instead and that delays people getting off the plane, it delays the actual bordering process for the flight after and that certainly is going to have a trickle effect across the country. >> who is paying these folks? if it's not the airlines per se, contracts of individual airports, whoever is administratively running o'hare? >> there are a couple major subcontractor companies that
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provide airlines with these types of employees. you know, the janitors, providing certain types of security on other side of tsa the wheelchair handlers. because of deregulation, what used to be jobs that were paid for by the airlines themselves, have now been subcontracted to other companies. the idea here is that because there are enough delays days between now and november 29th to get ready, the disruptions will be minimal. we've seen strikes before it's more about visibility and getting public support and awareness up than actually disrupting or certainly shutting down an airport. but, you know, the potential is there to really sort of cause, you know, kinks in the systems to occur and that, again, can really affect flights not only at o'hare but, you know, across the u.s. certainly international flights. keep in mind how many people connect through o'hare to travel on to europe or to south america, asia. those are flights that could be affected as well. >> gabe, thank you very much. hopefully everything will be
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contained as they say. in the meantime the hunt goes on for key staffers in a trump administration. and what sometimes can look like a cattle call of potential members including now members of the media who had a sort of meeting with president-elect to try to gauge what's going on there. as well as all of those interested in getting jobs if a cabinet or senior staff position. none of the major networks here in this case, but again their coverage of the race and kabts candidate very much a concern to the trump folks. peter ducey following it all. hey, peter. >> hey, neil. that's not all that's going on here today. we heard from trump's senior adviser kellyanne conway who told reporters gathered just because the president-elect had a meeting with indian businessmen a few days ago that he's associated with does not mean that he is having a
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difficult time separating his interests from the country's interests. >> i'm confident he's not breaking laws. he has lawyers and accountants and advisors to tell him what he must do and can't do. and he's abusinessman. he is also working a transition. he's the president-elect. and, you know, we're in unprecedented times. >> reporter: trump's meeting today had a few familiar faces like rick perry, scott brown and oklahoma governor mary fallon. one surprise liberal hawaii congresswoman gabbert, a democrat and a veteran who a few months ago endorsed bernie sanders in the primaries who has been highly critical of both president obama and secretary clinton, to refer to certain terror groups as certain islamists. said in a statement afterwards, quote, while the rules of political expediency says i should have refused to meet with president-elect trump i never have and never will play
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politics with american and syrian lives. her meeting was surprising. donald trump has not tweeted in 30 hours after spending much of the weekend on social media blowing up nbc's "saturday night live" for what he says is unfair treatment of him. >> thank you very much. as you were speaking we are looking at newt gingrich and his wife en route to see mr. trump as well. newt gingrich was having a tough time finding what if any role or cabinet position to entertain. what would he be doing there, what kind of position would be offered to him? before we get into other issues i want to explore that with bob, who is the hill editor in chief. what role could a newt gingrich serve? if he's taken himself out of the traditional type posts. >> right. >> what? >> i mean i think that newt would want to be a big thinker and be a white house type of counselor. but you have steve bannon,
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reince priebus the chief of staff. gingrich has been interested in health care, but i don't think he's going to end up at hhs. that looks like it could be congressman tom price from georgia. but that could be one role. i think one way or the other, neil, newt gingrich will have some type of role in this trump administration. it's just finding the right fit. >> you know, what's been noted early on is that the initial appointments certainly went to loyalists or those who helped donald trump, reince priebus, of course, and bannon, obviously, people have been paying attention to some of the bigger names that somehow has yet to get a position or talk of a position. i'm talking about rudy giuliani in light of the mitt romney development that he might get secretary of state, chris christie is still looking forelorne here. what are we to make of that, the people who put a lot on the line, being early backers of them and risked political capital of their own might come up not.
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>> well, chris christie i think is in a unique situation because he basically prosecuted jared kushner's father, sent him to jail, so that is clearly a sore spot. also, as far as heading the transition, the republican base is a lot more comfortable with mike pence heading it as a trusted conservative. debates never took to chris christie in his 2015 presidential run. i think most of the loyalists are being rewarded but maybe the christie and trump personalities kind of clash. but i do think it's a good thing. it's remarkable over the weekend he met with mitt romney. that is unbelievable. >> can you see that happening? i was racking this the my head i couldn't picture it, kudos for donald trump for meeting him and kudos for mitt romney for meeting with him. there's a lot of bad blood there. >> relationships are about trust and i don't see a lot of trusts there. they were professional and both put out statements and said the right things after that meeting and that's part of unifying the party, but i do think that it's
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good he's talking to mitt romney and talking to nikki haley, very critical of trump and backed rubio in the primary. >> do you think it's for show? i don't mean to demean the process. i can meet with my enemies or those who speak ill but no way am i entertaining a position with them in my administration? >> that might be a good gut feeling. i think it's hard for him to -- hard for trump to tap someone to such an important post when they bickered so much and then clearly there's going to be controversy. whoever is secretary of state you have to have the president and the secretary of state being on the same page. i think it's hard to see trump tapping romney for that post. >> real quickly, another, it's probably just a cosmetic thing, but i notice in a lot of these announcements, unlike prior president-elect, whether they be democrat or republican, donald trump makes the announcement he is not the one making the actual press announcement, though, and
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showing the nominee or the cabinet choice to the press. i take it in the past you've had the president-elect introducing whoever is chosen for what cabinet position. what do you make of that? >> it could be that trump doesn't want too much overexposure. he's not done a lot of interviews. sat down with "60 minutes" but he's letting his handlers do it. the tweeting, interesting what peter said, hasn't tweeted in 30 hours. some of his handlers are saying let's handle this, when you make an appearance it should be special between now and inauguration and don't with want over exposure even as the president-elect. >> karl rove said don't punch down. thank you very much. editor in chief. all right. near records as well the dow, nasdaq and s&p in record territory. they're looking forward to a pick-up in economic activity and worldwide bent towards populist
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governments which for now seemed to be the darling of the dow and the darling of a lot of other markets that used to poo-poo them. a wave that's gripped the globe seemed to be greeted for favorably. something not going away and a worrisome trend, four cities four officers shot all over the course of one day. why? and what's now after this. want a feast fit for the season? at red lobster's holiday seafood celebration nothing says "treat yourself" like any of these indulgent new dishes. so try the new grand seafood feast with tender shrimp, a decadent crab cake, and a lobster tail topped with white wine butter. or the new wild-caught lobster & shrimp trio crispy and garlic grilled red shrimp, and a lobster tail with creamy lobster mac-and-cheese? you wanted a feast, you got it. feasts like these make the holidays the holidays, so come try one before it ends.
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they are still looking for the guy who killed a san antonio police officer. all of this as a number of other shootings within the same 24-hour period were targeting law enforcement. fox news chanel casey stackle with more on that. >> neil, authorities do not believe that these four shootings across the country are linked. the officer here in texas who lost his life was a 20-year veteran of the san antonio
1:17 pm
police department. investigators say detective benjamin marconi was sitting in his squad car writing a traffic ticket when a car pulled up behind his, a man jumped out and ran up to the police car shooting and killing detective marconi in broad daylight outside of san antonio police headquarters. now police have released their own surveillance video because they say the man may have actually visited the police station hours before the shooting. they say he appeared agitated about something but officials would not say about what. meantime in missouri, two officers are recovering after two separate shootings there involving two separate departments yesterday. one outside kansas city, the other in st. louis. in both cases the officers were shot unprovoked according to authorities while on the job and in both cases the suspects were shot and killed by responding
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officers. now as if that was not enough a fourth officer shot during a traffic stop in florida yesterday. the sanibel police department says the they treated and released the officer from the hospital, but the man who allegedly shot that officer was arrested and taken into custody, so again, out of the four separate police shootings in just 24 hours, one of the officers is dead down in san antonio and the suspect responsible is still on the run. feel? >> casey, thank you very much. incredible. now this -- all right. president obama has talked again and again about trying to be diplomatic with the emergence of donald trump and winning the presidential election but he has also said in a weekend foreign trip he will speak his mind when necessary to intervene himself when issues are important enough. political analyst amy holmes on
1:19 pm
that. that would be opposed to the position, of course, barack obama's predecessor george bush took with him virtually not commenting on anything much of his eight years, let alone the first year of his administration. what can we expect from president obama? >> well president obama has said that, you know, immediately after he leaves office, he's going to take some time to himself and think and write and so forth. he's also threatened he's going to speak out when he thinks the issues are quote/unquote fundamental. i would ask what issues when it comes to the united states aren't. that's why we have elections and a commander in chief and that president obama should consider granting the few president the same courtesy that previous president and presidents before granted him. i would also add that by making these remarks, right now, it doesn't do anything to help where we are right now as a country, with all of the division and the anger and the vitriol going on.
1:20 pm
basically he's helping to fan those flames as well. >> you know, president bush's posture as a former president is different than others because on occasion, they would come out and mention something that they either were concerned about or didn't like. not repeatedly, but enough. so you could argue that it would be understandable if barack obama concerned his legacy was being trashed here, and he's been very careful to guard that, would stick up for either probably the affordable care act or what have you, but where do you think he should draw the line if he draws it at all because he's not going to sit by passively as a lot of that is undone, right? >> right. well, you know, i can understand him sort of being the wise old man that democrats come to, you know, to talk to, get advice about how to move forward and possibly weigh in very strategically, but again, that's also important for president obama to maintain his legacy that he doesn't just become another member of the peanut
1:21 pm
gallery. >> yeah, but i thought this wasn't about his legacy. he said he's popular enough. this isn't a reflection -- the election wasn't a reflection or repeatation of his policies. he deep down feels otherwise? >> last week he said he would speak out when he thinks republicans are doing what he considers something wrong. well what does that mean? we had an election. president-elect donald trump won. and it was a repudiation by many voters of the previous eight years. we also had mid-terms in 2010, those were repeatations, 2014, where voters put republicans in charge because they wanted to put the brakes on president obama's agenda. something called term limits for presidents. only allowed to serve two terms. that's a reason for that. because you want to turn the page and give, you know, give the voters the electorate a new leader to lead them forward. i would ask president obama you're not president for life, you had your eight years, now it's time to pass on the torch.
1:22 pm
>> scoot down the bench. good seeing you again. >> good to see you. >> president-elect trump is continuing to try to get an idea of who is going to be in his cabinet, but already, indications from chuck schumer taking over for harry reid he's not going to give his attorney general pick an easy time, not at all.
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we are just getting word of a big earthquake with a preliminary macnee today of 7.3 that hit northern japan. they're ahead of us by 13 hours. this is coming from the japan meet logical agency. guess the area it's affect pg. this is off the northern coast and they're urging fukushima residents to flee. of course the fukushima area and
1:26 pm
fukushima nuclear plant that was hit by that last earthquake five years ago. that one, of course, brought on a huge tsunami. we're looking now at a tsunami that could affect that area and they're on guard. in the meantime the incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer vowing a tough vetting process for jeff sessions as attorney general. a lot of things that the former senator -- former senator because this is when he was being considered for a judgeship more than 30 years ago. on the phone fox news chanel's judge andrew. they're promising a fight and i don't know if it will move the needle, more republicans in the senate than democrats, but i guess the issue is whether the guy is a racist? that's what they keep coming back to? >> you're right, neil. good afternoon. is that the issue. the other issue is is chuck schumer doing this for political consumption to stimulate the left wing base of the democratic
1:27 pm
party, what remains of it, because of their objection of having a true blue died on the wall conservative like jeff sessions run the justice department. he apparently is it make insensitive statements in his youth 30 years ago. he's now 69 years old. since that time, he's been in the senate for over 20 years. there's not a single public or private statement to which senator schumer can point in the past 25 or 30 years, out of the mouth of jeff sessions, that would disqualify him from this position. >> now a lot of it goes back to alleged racist comments he made, he's disavowed and points to a record of trying to dismantle the ku klux klan in alabama, in dealing with segregation in alabama, so he would seem to have a leg to stand on to challenge those accusations, but explain what you think the
1:28 pm
process will look like? >> well, the process will look like the senate judiciary of which he is currently a sitting member, will interrogate him and the republicans will point out all the things he did to advance the cause of racial equality as the attorney general of alabama, when some people thought he was a democrat, because he pursued the ku klux klan with such ill, when he was the u.s. attorney for alabama, the chief federal prosecutor, when he worked in tandem with rudy when rudy giuliani was number three in the justice department, senator sessions was u.s. attorney sessions, chief federal prosecutor in alabama. so chuck schumer and company will bring these things up. and senator jeff sessions and his defenders will counter them. look, he's going to be confirmed and schumer knows it. . i'm a little disapointed that the master deal maker himself, chuck schumer, instead of cutting a deal with the other master deal maker who is about
1:29 pm
to become the president, has decided to throw down the gauntlet in something where he's determined to lose. this was so long ago and has not infiltrated his public work at all, even back in that era, that schumer knows this is just a political move on his part. >> all right. we'll watch closely. thanks for taking the time. have a great thanksgiving. >> always a pleasure, to you and your family neil. >> thank you. in the meantime hes trying to chalnge a giant. i want you to meet the democratic congressman who said nancy pelosi, you are so out of here. meet him next.
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fukushima. she thought it was funny, model gigi mocking melania trump. no outrage from the mainstream media. i don't know if that's a fox alert. enrollment deadline is just a few weeks away. changes to medicare plans could impact your healthcare costs. are you getting all the benefits available to you? call healthmarkets and we'll help you find the medicare plan that's right for you. hi, i'm doctor martin gizzi. it's a new medicare year. that means more changes ... and more confusion. the key question is: what can you do now, to ensure you get the care you need in the coming year? call healthmarkets today. we have access to thousands of medicare options from leading insurance companies nationwide. plans that may... cost less... cover more ...
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with more choices... like dental and vision care ... and freedom to choose your own doctors. all at a price you can afford. we help find the right plan for you. and we do it at no cost. make sure you have what you need to get the care that's right for you. if you miss the deadline, you may have to wait another year before enrolling. call this number now! sometimes hell have no furry like liberals who don't respond to challenging one of their idols. meet the democratic congressman who says nancy pelosi, i respect you, admire what you've done, but it's time to step down new blood, younger blood to come in. he is the ohio democrat, congressman tim ryan. good to have you. >> thanks, neil. >> we should say we put out a call to nancy pelosi.
1:34 pm
we haven't heard back or we did hear back and she declined. but let me ask you why are you doing this? it's an uphill battle but you argue it's time for change? >> well, there was an earthquake that went through the midwest last tuesday and white working class, black working class, brown working class folks in my district rejected the national democratic party because i think we failed to talk about economic opportunity for them. and we need to move in a direction where we can connect with those workers, say that we're going to provide opportunity for them, opportunity for increased wages, a secure pension, and a way to move forward and we failed to do that and i think, you know, moving forward, we have to look in a new direction of someone who can connect to those working class, blue collar voters all over the country to win the fold and win the majority back and represent our people.
1:35 pm
>> did you let nancy pelosi know first of your intentions to challenge her and what did she say? >> well, i let her know first that we wanted to extend the debate and that's when we were able to move the election last week and then i did leave her a message that i was going to announce, yeah. >> the fact that you were able to move that election is and of itself a big development because those things are set in stone and she sets it. she's very competent in a letter to colleague saying she has the votes and a good counter. what do you think? >> well, she is. i mean she's a very, very skilled politician and i have a great deal of respect for her and i love her and i think she's terrific, but i think it is time for a change and people in our caucus know it's time for a change. here's the question i'm asking, how many seats do we have to lose before we have to make a
1:36 pm
change? we've lost 68 since 2010. we're the smallest number for our caucus since 1929. what's the number? we have to lose 70, 80 seats? what's the number where we're going to recognize that we are now not a national political party? and we've got to make some changes an we've got to make them now because if you look at the political landscape when the republicans are in complete control of the government, the opposite party now the testimonies have an opportunity to make some gains. if we put, you know, the same leadership team out there to make the argument, i don't think anyone is going to come our way, and i think it's a really missed opportunity and it's going to damage our party and our ability to rebuild. that's just how i feel. i'm not happy about -- that i feel that way. i take no joy in having to do this. but this needs to be done for the future of our party. >> now she's 76 years old. the average age of the republican leadership is like 49
1:37 pm
or 50 years old. so, oddly enough, the party of old people, which is generally thought to be republicans, always an unfair wrap, it's the case with the house leadership. yet that seems to stick for her and stick together for her. what is your fear if she gets to be the democratic leader again? what do you fear happening? >> well, let me just say that nancy pelosi has more energy and vigor than probably half of our caucus put together. she's an amazing woman and steny hoyer, the same. he's got -- >> you're not making an age reference. you're making just let's shake things up reference? >> well, we've got to look a little bit in the past. since 2010 we've lost 68 seats. we got killed in 2010. a few gains in '12. killed in '14. gained six seats the last time in an overall tidal wave i think
1:38 pm
we all bear some responsibility for. i'm looking about moving forward. so how do we win the 30 or 40 congressional seats that we need to take back the majority in the house of representatives. >> how many do you think are with you right now or quietly say, i'm -- i like what you're doing, keep doing it? >> yeah. well, i'm getting a lot of pats on the back. i think a lot of people are glad we're having this conversation. i've got some votes in my back pocket and i'm certainly not going to reveal more people are coming out publicly every day to support my candidacy. i realize it's david against goliath and i understand that, but, you know, we have to have this conversation as a party because the future of our party is at stake. we are not a national party right now. we can't be a coastal party. we can't lose ohio, wisconsin, michigan and we almost lost minnesota. i mean, we can't be a national party. we'll never win the house of representatives.
1:39 pm
>> she has said it's not a matter of liberal and referring to the fact that hillary clinton won the popular vote. it's not a matter of the message not hitting with americans that democrats should remain aggressively progressive and that brings the likes of bernie sanders and others so the floor. does that worry you? >> look, i don't mind being progressive. i'm progressive. i'm worried about talking about being economically progressive and coming up with ways to grow our economy and how do we make the united states the advanced manufacturing hub of the entire world. how do we make sure that millennials have the kind of government and economy that will allow them to thrive and take advantage of opportunity with, you know, portable health care, portable benefits, portable pensions, portable work force training money. all of these things that will allow them to live from a mobile economy. how do we invest into advanced manufacturing, additive manufacturing. these next generation of technologies that are going to allow for economic growth.
1:40 pm
i believe that there needs to be investment from the public side and partnership with the private sector to allow our economy to grow. and right now, we've not talked to working-class people. we do talk about some of those issues shoos but we got to talk to working-class people, neil, that don't want to learn how to run a computer, they want to run a backhoe. the men and women who take showers after work. those are the people we're missing. the average median income in my district is $57,000 a year which means a husband and wife make less than $30,000 a year with a couple kids. they work very hard and feel like the democratic party has left them, that we don't care about them, that we don't talk about them. the evidence is last tuesday where they left us in droves and if we don't get our act together, now, we're going to be in a permanent minority here for a long, long time and that is going to be a very unhealthy situation for our democracy, our political system, and our economy. >> i like that line. take showers after work. that's well put. congressman, thank you very
1:41 pm
much. we do have a request out to nancy pelosi and again hope springs eternal she will change her mind and come on. years ago we interviewed her. and then she realized we were fox i guess and hates everything about us. is that fair? is that right? did you hear the one about the model who just mocked melania trump and barely, barely, a wimper or problem in the press. this is the future first lady we're talking about. would you do it to michele obama? and still laugh? i doubt it.
1:42 pm
test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test. s.
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1:44 pm
this is my -- melania trump impression. i got to get the face right. >> okay. >> i love my husband. president barack obama. >> imagine if she or someone
1:45 pm
else did that and it was michele obama. mocking michele obama. just thinking about that out loud. we gottlieb brawl commewe've go commentator. katherine, how would it be? >> it not be tolerated. she would be called a racist first of all. and also, the fact is, this wasn't a very good impression. the accent wasn't spot on and melania speaks five languages, god forbid she has an accent in english, how dare she. >> it's going to be open season i think between this woman, of course, what we saw with the cast of "hamilton" lecturing to vice president-elect pence. i have to wonder where this is going, what we're in for here, and whether we should be in for it or any of those on the right or this new president and vice president coming in should be important? >> you know what we're doing, we're going to go to a second trump term if these are the opponents he and his family are going to have.
1:46 pm
we're going to a massive second trump victory. how mean spirited and snobby did this woman look, taking the mickey, a line or expression, for insulting melania part, a part of the first family, is she a politician, have we traditionally done that to first ladies? appears to be a open season around the president-elect. i opposed him during the election but it's time to come together and these people look pathetic, neil. >> danielle, i'm sure you feel the same way. when you look at this, it does get old after while. i know how they felt during the campaign and they made that very, very obvious, fine i understand, i know how it feels to lose. a lot of republicans go back and say well we've been through the same thing and all, but when and how do you let go or do you? >> i agree with louise. i think this is completely counter productive and all this does is push more people into the trump team and that's, obviously, not what democrats want. i will say to the point this is unheard of.
1:47 pm
michele obama took a lot of flack for having bare arms on a magazine cover and way back in 1992, "the new yorker" did a cartoon about hillary clinton making jokes about her boxy suit jackets which haven't gone anywhere. this isn't the first time that it's happened. >> it happens a little more when it concerns the right. doesn't it? >> i mean we've got a hollywood elite, a hollywood who are vastly democratic and use their art, use their podium, they use their pulpit to make a statement and we can have arguments about whether it's right or wrong but it's a fact. >> you know, i actually think, you know, that they're free to do it, have a field day and all, but i think my worry is when they keep doing it, they only hurt themselves. everyone is free to express their opinion or whatever, but it gets old after a while, doesn't it? >> everybody saw that and was reminded of being made fun of by, you know, the mean girl bully in high school or middle school or that's how i thought of it or reminded me of. they want to use their platform
1:48 pm
to make points about people fine, but what point was she making. she was trying to be mean and that's how everybody sees it. >> louise i was thinking as well. in the first few months. >> look, i've got kids baron trump's age and i hope the liberal left and these celebrities have at least the decency to leave the child alone if they can't seem to leave his mother alone. i just find it completely obnoxious. i believe this celebrity said she's anti-bullying and what do we see her doing to the first lady -- hasn't been elected but our future first lady. so hypocritical and regular americans are sick and tired of this stuff. you have free speech, sure, but free speech doesn't have to be rude speech and that's what
1:49 pm
we're seeing when we see the "hamilton" actors and this model criticize -- >> i have to disagree. the "hamilton" actors were extremely respectful. they called vice president-elect, sir, talked about all americans. we have to think about leadership from the top and i think this brings up bigger issues of moral authority and we saw donald trump over a year using his bully pulpit on twitter to take on people in a really cruel and negative way. >> if you go to -- douv do you ever go to a show, danielle, and you're going to be picked out of the audience? >> of course not. my point is this was not disrespectful. it was completely respectful. >> melania is not donald. >> i agree. melania did nothing. >> he might have been punching down making a big to do and ignored it. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> all right. well, we know that the administration coming in has big plans, but is the debt going to
1:50 pm
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will our deficit and debt get in the way of donald trump's big plans? let's ask steve moore. one of the things that came up today on fbn, which if you done have you should demand, these shows come to you. one of the things this professor was saying was that he thinks the debt is going to hamstring trump to the point where his initiatives can't be as ground as he is a wallpaper hanger with one arm behind his back. but don't expect much because the debt is crowding out a lot of possibilities. you say what?
1:54 pm
>> well, a couple things. one is i'm surprised that -- i don't know about this professor. there's so many liberals saying the debt is up so much. >> now they're worried about it. >> where have they been for the last eight years as we rang up $10 trillion of debt? a couple things. i know the show is not supposed to have math. i'm going to give you a math question. what is a bigger number? we have a 35% corporate tax rate. we're going to cut it to 15%. 35% of nothing or 15% of something, which is higher? it's a serious question. we have a 35% business tax but all the businesses leave the united states. when they leave they pay 35% of nothing. they pay taxes in china and india and mexico. we will bring the companies back to the united states with factories and workers here. they will start paying taxes here. donald trump, i have had many conversations about this. he understands that until we get growth up and people working again and companies profitable
1:55 pm
again, we're not going to have the tax revenue that comes anywhere near balancing the budget. we have only ground at 1.5% for the last year. we wanted to get up to 4%. >> i understand that. but you are -- you are a student of ronald reagan. i covered that administration as well when the tax cuts -- they were big. dried up revenue before it came pouring in. you and i know that republicans then spent that revenue and then some. leaving that aside, it takes a little while to see the bang for the buck from cutting the tax. are you prepared to make that argument? deficits could and likely will get worse before they start turning around. >> i actually think the deficit will come down next year. the stock market has responded in a positive way to the pro-business pro-investment reforms we're putting in. then there's the other side of the equation, which is what are
1:56 pm
we going to about expenditure snz we'expenditures? it starts with obamacare. >> you have to replace that with something for the 20 million. >> you are right about that. we think we can reduce the -- we can provide everybody with better coverage at a lower cost. then there's things like the penny plan. cut one cent out of every dollar in a federal government for five years. >> they are incapable of doing that. >> we can. >> i hope you are right. >> this is the thing about donald trump. he is a businessman. he knows how to do this. this is why he had support, because he's not a politician. he knows how to pay the bills. he will get that done. >> we will watch closely. steve moore, i knew -- >> the deficit is coming down. >> we will see. thank you very much. steve moore, crunching all the numbers for team trump. much more, including more we're getting bulletins on the japanese earthquake in the same region hit hard five years ago, hit again. more after this.
1:57 pm
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this is coming into us from nhk in japan. a tsunami reaching the few couka area. hello, everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." a busy weekend and a busy day today for donald trump, president-elect. he works to form his cabinet and fill other key posts. on saturday, 2012 gop nominee mitt romney met with mr. trump in new jersey. he may be in consideration for the job of secretary of state. even after trading critical words with the president-elect during the heated campaign season. today another one-time adversary, rick perry, was spotted at


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